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V2- GigaByke Groove 2.0 - 750W Electric Motorized Bike (Blue)
V2- GigaByke Groove 2.0 - 750W Electric Motorized Bike (Blue)
V2- GigaByke Groove 2.0 - 750W Electric Motorized Bike (Blue)

V2- GigaByke Groove 2.0 - 750W Electric Motorized Bike (Blue)

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V2- GigaByke Groove 2.0 - 750W Electric Motorized Bike (Blue)

The GigaByke Groove 2.0 has everything you love about the classic 750 Watt Groove electric scooter, but it's all been upgraded for better performance and longevity. Forget bogging down on hills and running down your charge, because this scooter's got the pull to get you up, down, and all around nearly any commute you can throw at it.

The biggest upgraded would be the upgraded motor on this scooter which offers bigger magnets for its magnetic drive, giving you more torque going up hills as well as more consistent top end speeds when riding for long stretches of road. The hydraulic brake system in the rear paired with the disc brake stoppage in front make this scooter a reliable ride and a safe one at that. Just one pump of either lever and you'll feel the stopping power this bike gives you, just in case you get in to any sticky sitations in with your commute.

You would think all of that power would deplete the ride time of this scooter, but you would be wrong. With its 48v 14Ah Silicon Battery that lasts around 25 miles (out of a full charge), you can get to work, to school, to the store, or anywhere you need to without having to worry about running out of juice. And just in case you do run out, you can just plug this battery in to any wall outlet and in 4-8 hours your bike is ready to ride. No pre-mixing gas or choking of any motors- just ride.

A good scooter would be nothing without a good frame to support it, and this frame's been updated to last a lot longer, especially for you beach riders. This steel frame is as strong strong and slim as ever, only it's been painted with a matte, electrostatic auto grade rust protective paint to help against rust. Not only that, but they've upgraded their kickstand system to include not only an upgraded side kick stand, but a center kickstand, too- perfect for any parking situation.

Of course, there's still no worry about being seen at night with the high powered LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals. You can still rest assured that the covers for this bike will help protect your wires while you ride, and because there’s no gas engine on this bike, this Groove still does not need any special licensing or insurance* to ride around on the street.  So if you're ready to up your game and commute with a whole lot more power than before, the 750 Watt Gigabyke Groove 2.0 is what you're looking for

Model Name: Groove 2.0

Color: Blue

Max Speed: 20 mph

Charging Time: 4-8hours

Rated efficiency: 82%

Motor Type: Brushless motor with UPGRADED Magnets for better torque

Motor ( W ): 750 Watt

Distance Per Charge: Silicon: 25 miles** Optional Upgrade: Lithium: 30 miles 

Battery Type: Silicon 48V, 14Ah Option Upgrade: Lithium- 48V, 20Ah

Cycle number of charge cycles: Silicon- 400 Charges, Lithium- 800 Charges

Charger Input Voltage: 100-250V, 50/60hz

Wheel Base: 45 Inches

Frame Color: Matte Black

Net Weight: 176 lbs

Dimensions: 64.75*24.5*39.75in(L*W*H)

Front/Rear Brake Type: Disc (front) / Hydraulic Drum (rear)

Front/Rear Brake Control Type: Hand/Hand

*Note: Moped and motorized bicycle laws and regulations vary from state to state. Please contact your local DMV for confirmation of licensing and registration requirements in your area.

**Maximum range is based on 120lbs rider with pedal assistance on hills and a fully charged battery. Mileage may vary depending on road conditions, traffic conditions, and aggressiveness of riding

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