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Gigabyke Groove Rear Scooter Luggage Trunk (Silver)
Gigabyke Groove Rear Scooter Luggage Trunk (Silver)
Gigabyke Groove Rear Scooter Luggage Trunk (Silver)
Gigabyke Groove Rear Scooter Luggage Trunk (Silver)

Gigabyke Groove Rear Scooter Luggage Trunk (Silver)

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The Gigabyke Groove Rear Luggage Trunk is the better than that old basket you’re rocking on the back of your scooter for a while. With a highly visible reflectors, lots of room for storage, and multiple mounting points, this trunk is one of the most universal luggage carriers around.

This lightweight trunk won’t weigh you down like a lot of other scooter trunks out there. Its tough shell will protect your groceries, books, tools, or pretty much anything else you can fit in there safe from the elements. Whether you’re commuting in the snow or suddenly get caught in the rain, you can rest assured this trunk will keep what you’re riding with safe and dry.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student carrying books or you’re retired and carrying groceries, because this trunk offers you 9” in height, 10” in length, and 10” in width to fit whatever you want in there. Riding in the winter? Pack an extra outfit and stay dry after your ride. Want to hit the beach in the summer? Pack a towel, a lunch, and your favorite drinks and have a blast! No more cramming your backpack full of stuff, leading to back and neck problems. Just throw them in your new trunk and you’re good to go.

And unlike those other trunks out there, installation couldn’t be easier:

  • Open the trunk and lift the foam cover exposing the mounting ports
  • Set the trunk on the Groove’s (or compatible scooter/moped) rear rack
  • Place the concave washers down in to the mounting ports, and insert the mounting screws through the washers
  • Align the mounting brackets with the studs with the top, with the flat side of the bracket against the rack
  • Fasten the lock nuts on to the screws snuggly against the bracket, and you’re ready to ride

Compatible with a wide range of scooters outside of the Gigabyke Groove, these trunks will have you riding in style and safety. Bolt a Gigabyke Groove Rear Luggage Trunk to your scooter and see how much easier your rides will be


  • Size: 9in (H) x 12in (L) x 11” (W)
  • 2x Keys Included
  • 2x Rear Reflectors
  • Backrest included
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Compatible with 750w Gigabye Groove racks and various gas & electric scooter racks
  • Color: Silver
Note: This trunk is universal and may be used in the rain on various scooters if needed. However, the 750w Gigabyke Groove Electric Scooter cannot be run in the rain. Therefore, when purchasing this trunk the rider acknowledges that they understand the capabilities of their scooter and whether or not it may operate in wet weather conditions, including but not limited to, rain, snow, hail, drizzle, etc…